Shipping a Puppy: Is it safe?

With my many years of shipping experience in both shipping and receiving pups, I know for a fact that all of the pups are well taken care of during their trip. I have only had a lil couple of incidences where the pups had a delayed flight or had an accident in there crate due to a long flight, but don’t worry we put allot of shredded newspaper in the crate in case they do have an accident, so they do not sit in it. In fact shipping can be less stressful than driving across cities, states or countries to come pick a puppy. Even less so as shipping takes only a few hours to be received by their new owners.

What about shipping in the winter, isn’t it too cold?

Shipping during this time of year is completely safe and is not a problem. Just like a person getting on a flight to go meet their relatives for the holidays, shipping a puppy is very similar-and probably even a little easier. All puppies ride in the belly of the plane where the temperature is kept at a comfortable 70 Degrees. The same as for the passengers and they are the last on and first off the plane. The only thing different about this time of year is that the airlines can be strict on the minimum temperature at each location even though the plane is always kept at 70 degrees. I believe it is mainly for their liability and protection. Likewise, in the summertime they will not ship if temperatures are too hot along the way. If this is the case, we will just wait for the next best day to ship or ship earlier or later in the day to combat the hot/cold part of the day.

What is involved in the shipping process?

After we confirmed payments from you, I will need to know your nearest airport, State/City, who will pick up the pup and your address and a contact number. The day and time will depend primarily on the flight availability and temperature as well as when we both can travel to the airport. Usually, I can book a flight to ship same day though that will be a lil stressful and will cost a lil more. After I have booked the flight, I will email, text or call you with the flight #, times, airway bill # and location where the pup is to be picked up. Then all you need to do is pick up the pup at your airport. We can also arrange for a home delivery, meaning you will not need to go to the airport for pickup. You will just wait for the delivery agents to bring your puppy right at your door steps. However this is very stress free but will cost you an extra $30. You will need a form of identification ( driver’s license or national identification card) and the airway bill number that I give you. Then I ask individuals to contact me as soon as possible after they receive their puppy as I’m very anxious to hear about the puppy, if everything went ok, what you think and any other questions you might have.

It seems lengthy in explanation, but it actually goes very fast!

I tape their collar, leash, toy, puppy food and a puppy packet to the top of their crate and put a frozen water dish in so it will gradually thaw out for the puppy. Puppies are also offered food and additional water if needed during the trip. The pup will arrived same day as it is sent, within just a few hours. The average flight time is approximately 8-10 hours and VIP trips are usually shorter.

What is the normal cost of Shipping?

At this time, I am only able to ship within Australia Only . Although I have had individuals to fly in from other extreme to pick up a puppy. Major airports are often the best bet, but I would be glad to check out your local airport to see if shipping is possible.

We ship puppies by Jet pets AU (During Winter) we can make exceptions and ship via Petraveller .

Price includes: Airline Shipping, Crate, Supplies, Veterinary exam and Health Certificate. For some times, we can have a free shipping coupon for your puppy but that is not all the times and not all states and country that can be done to.

1. Shipping cost subject to change at anytime.
2. Buyer is responsible for all costs related to shipping.
3. All costs must be prepaid before shipment of puppy.
4. These prices are for pups and smaller dogs, any pup or adult requiring a larger crate costs approximately $200 more.

All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the purchaser and must be paid in advance of the flight.